SGHITECH Excellence Review!

Introducing the….. Excellence (EXSG-001) cameraless Android smartphone by SGHITECH!

(Yes, i did this video)

This specially built phone complies with MINDEF redzone restrictions and other sensitive work area for military personnel. The phone is extremely durable. It is shock proof and can easily survive a drop from a metre or two. Most other phones would have their screens cracked but this phone can easily withstand such drops.

The 4.0 inch display stays within SAF guidelines for non-camera phones in the red zone of 4.3 inch. It runs on Android Kitkat 4.2.2, supporting dual sim feature and also comes with 1 year local warranty.

With 2GB ram, it won’t be as laggy as other non camera phones. Surfing of Facebook, websites and playing of games like Candy Crush are reasonably smooth! Overall, it is the highest spec in terms of non camera smartphone in the market. However, it is not LTE supported.


Color Black / White
Processor MediaTEK MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz
Graphics Mali-400MP2 500MHz
Storage MicroSD 32GB (FAT32)
Display 4.0 inch WVGA 800×480
Network Standards 3G: WCMA 900MHz (Band 8) / 2100MHz (Band 1)
2G: GSM/EDGE 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery Lithium Ion 2000mAh
USB Port MicroUSB
Sensors eCompass / Accelerometer / Light Sensor

HEY, fellow female readers! Don’t you think this is an awesome gift for your army guys to link up with you?? What are you waiting for? Time to invest on this little companion and let him bring it along to camp!

Facebook PM me and quote LTB to purchase your EXCELLENCE at a discounted price of $290 with FREE delivery and original silicone phone casing in commemoration of SAF50 at lifetruebearing now! 

Cash on delivery:)

The package contains:

1x SGHITECH Excellence EXSG-001 Cameraless Android Smarphone

1x Pre-Applied Screen Protector film (It is under the Packaging screen protection film)

1x Tempered Glass Screen Protector *Please remote Screen Protector film, clean the screen with Isopropyl Alcohol, before applying Tempered Glass Screen Protector*

1x Attached Cable MicroUSB Charger

1x Earphones + Microphone with Call answer Button

1x Simple User Manual

1x SAR warning leaflet

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Official website:


SGshop Review

Horrendous experience with SGshop!

Few weeks ago, my items arrived SGshop main office at Ubi. By right, I should get notified by SMS upon arrival. Not only I wasn’t informed, they also insisted that my collection point was at their office. ( I chose Japan Home @ Jurong) They also say that there might be a system mistake and will process my parcel to Japan Home shortly. Few days later, I received an email stating that according to them, parcel must be below 8KG in order to be transferred over.

Left with no choice.. I had to collect my items at Jurong East MRT today and this is where shit started to get real.

The deliveryman overloaded his mini trolley with items and it was being pushed single-handedly with another hand trying to stop my items from toppling over. As expected, the trolley toppled and everything landed on the floor.



I snapped a few photos just in case my electrical appliances might get damage after falling from such a significant height. As such, I requested my friend to take more photos in order to account for the items. To my surprise, he overloaded the trolley once again despite experiencing difficulties and chose not to ask help from his fellow driver.

When he was unloading the goods, items were all placed violently onto the ground without any care. There were audible impacts and passerby were staring at him. He wasn’t even aware…20150822_140307


Without any delay, I approached him to collect my items. Fellow collectors were provided with carrier together with their items. However, mine wasn’t. I was omitted and had to ask for my own carrier when my 2 boxes of items were weighing from 7-8kg. He reprimanded me to collect the carrier from his van alone and I was ignored when I asked if he could help me with the carrier. The guy went on to attend other collectors. His attitude was so horrible, even the pen was handed rudely to other collectors.
After collecting my items, I was held back and questioned me regarding the photo-taking. I left upon answering him his question. To my horror. the deliveryman chased me when I was heading back to the MRT station. He shouted “STOP!” for a couple of times and held me back again near the escalator. I was confronted really loud and threateningly in a dark enclosed setting where there wasn’t much people around. Moreover, I’m a lady. After exchanging a few words with him, he then only backed out when my friend confronted him. We were threatened to stay there and wait for him before he left.


I felt insulted during the whole process…..

I’ve been using their delivery service for quite some time, it was always pleasant till today’s collection day. To add on, the driver was on time and friendly when I approached him for carriers.

I have yet to un-box my items. However, the electrical components probably sustained damages due to the multiple impacts I’ve seen…

What a day… 😦
This is probably my last time dealing with SGshop.

#GrabDurian Mao Shan Wang Durian only at $10

GrabDurian: Mao Shan Wangs delivered to you!

Yes!! Get Mao Shan Wang Durians delivered to your house this weekend!


Grab Mao Shan Wang durians – yes, you heard right!

A special car type ‘#GRABdurian’ will appear in the GrabTaxi app only this weekend:
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Well, you know the drill…
Simply select the #GRABdurian icon in the app and key in the promo code below:

Freshly delivered right under your nose for only $10.
Prepare your belly and get yours now!

Don’t be greedy now! Only 1 durian per order.
Remember, we have limited durians and would like as many people to get theirs!

Durian season is here! And what’s a better way to indulge than having some delivered to you in the comfort of your home?

Yup, Grab Taxi is delivering the King of the King of Fruits: Mao Shan Wang durians, to you! That’s not all, they are even letting you have it cheapcheap at $10 NETT for one whole Mao Shan Wang durian de-shelled, packed and delivered!

Here’s how to Grab your Mao Shan Wang!

Step 1
Download our GrabTaxi app from the Apple App Store, Google Playstore or BlackBerry World

Step 2
Register your very own GrabTaxi account

Step 3
Select #GRABdurian as your car type (This icon will only be available on 1 & 2 Aug, 2pm – 9pm)

Step 4
Enter the SAME address where you want your Mao Shan Wang to be delivered in BOTH “pick-up” and “drop-off” fields (an incomplete address will reduce your chances of a successful GrabDurian booking)

Step 5
Key-in GRABDURIAN in the Promo Code field and select Confirm Booking. If your booking is successful, you will receive a confirmation that your MaoShanWang will be on its way. If your booking is not allocated, don’t lose hope, keep trying!

Step 6
We would love to see a selfie of you and the delicious MaoShanWang on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! Hashtag #GrabDurian and tag us @grabtaxisg too!
• For further enquiries, please contact us at 65703925 or

Other Terms and Conditions
Please visit GRAB TAXI

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Which of these are your favourite childhood games?

Remember bugging to go to the nearest MAMA STORE when you were young? Life in the past was slower, less hectic. Before, we didn’t have technologies like ipad and the internet. Even using the computer was a luxury hard to attain. Heres a list of 6 childhood games that this generation are missing out on. Which are your favourite memories of childhood? Check out mine!


#1 Waterful Ring Toss

Don’t tell me you don’t remember the Waterful Ring Toss! Its the hardest Handheld Game ever! These was produced in the 70s. It is an underwater game of ring toss where you’d press a button that pushes the rings around. There were many kind of water games like this, like the football version? It is nearly impossible to complete it!


#2 Styrofoam Aeroplane (Soft Gliders)

They used to be available widely at Mama shops in Singapore as “Flying Gliders” for 50 cents a packet but have since disappeared from stores. It must had been pretty satisfying as a kid to assemble one perfectly. But even then, the planes rarely last for more then a few throws. There were also mini competitions held among friends!


#3 Slime Gooey

Yes!! You should be screaming OMG I REMEMBER THESE in your hearts right now! Its non other than the Slimey Bottle that you buy from the school’ s bookshop during the 90s. Some even came with rubber fingers and eyeball. It is very smelly and disgusting actually. Tell me if you can find one now please!


#4 Zero Point (Rubber Band Skipping Rope)


Do you remember buying packets of rubberband? To play zeropoint, we first need a “yay-yay” or a rubber rope. To make one, you need to collect as many rubber bands as possible. Once you have your rubber bands, link them together as shown in the photo.  Continue doing this untill you have a long rope. Some people make a double-stranded rubber rope. This rope usually lasts longer but is less springy. At the levels 1 and 2, one has to jump over the rope without touching. But from level 3 onwards, one can touch the rope. I remember my friends having different jumping styles. It doesn’t really matter as long as it gets you across the rope.


 #5 Sticker Book

Sticker collecting was a cool hobby in the 90’s. This is sheer awesomeness here. You would bring your albums full of stickers to school and trade with friends. Trying to show off the popular drama or cartoon stickers that you’ve collected and realised you lost the sticker book during recess time:(


#6 “Stress” – Playing with UNO Cards

Here is a different variation of playing with UNO cards, it is called “Stress”, is a pretty fast paced game and would consist of only two players at a time. All cards that do not consist of numbers like the “wild”, “reverse” and “adding” cards, are removed from the stack; only numbers remain. The aim of the game is to have no cards at the end, the loser would be the one left with the most cards. Rules can be modified and added to accommodate the other cards without numbers. You are only limited by your imagination!


Share and tag your friends if these bring nostalgic memories to you.

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Add on your favorite Childhood game by commenting now!




$15 OFF GrabTaxi Promo JULY-AUG



Promo Code: Grab15nowCC

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Step 3:
Select your preferred mode of transport – GrabCar (Economy).

Step 4:
Key in your pick-up and drop-off locations.

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3. Only valid for rides in Singapore & valid for first time users of GrabTaxi App only.
4. The promo code is valid from 12th July to 10th August 2015 only.
5. GrabTaxi reserves the right to extend/shorten the promotion period.
6. GrabTaxi reserves the right to check the validity of each redemption.
7. This promo can be redeemed once per new GrabTaxi user account.
8. Promo code must be entered into the Promo Code field for the ride to be entitled for the promotion. The promotion is deemed invalid if a GrabCar ride was made without keying in the valid promo code.
9. A cancelled booking by the passenger nullifies the single use entry.
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11. The promotion is not exchangeable for cash.

For further inquiries, please contact 6570 3925 or